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Who's who?

Pirates, debutantes, nerds and rock stars have passed through the Shack ... and that's just our staff. Each of them left their mark (or in Guber's case his underwear), on the Caribbean's most famous parking lot bar. Thank you, you guys rock!

The Love shackers

Liz Duffy

Owner, originator, co-creator (official title : Procurer of Toys and Tom-foolery). Still active in daily operations. Would like to spend more time DJ'ing than current bartenders allow.

Leroy Funji Brunn

I have worked for Duffy's over 28 years. Now I'm the head chef so every food that you see on our website, I did it. Love to meet people from all parts of this wonderful world that take their time to come and visit Duffy's Love Shack on the Island where I was born.



aka Candi Diva! I enjoy making others smile and laugh. My hobbies are reading, going to the beach and spending time with family. I believe my smile will make YOU smile, so lets be happy together!


Amy is an enigma that showed up one day and became our goddess of toys and cups. She ties bows, decorates the bar, wrangles rubber alligators like a professional, and lives for secrets. No one really knows who she is, as she lost her fingerprints in a tragic hot glue gun accident attaching shot glasses to race cars. Don't let this modest description fool you .... she recently completed grad school ... which makes her the perfect person to know where all the toys are buried.


Charlie's been a traveling, good time bartender for 8 years. By way of Detroit, he's seen enough snow for a lifetime! Ask him about the live music scene on island. Please write all fan mail on the back of Jager bottles (or $100 bills). Live positive, test negative!


Hi, I'm Angie, I have been living in beautiful STT for about 8 months. I was born and raised in southern California, but spent the last 15 years in Las Vegas! I raised a beautiful daughter, who is not starting her own journey as an adult. So, I decided that I'd start a new journey myself! I quit my job of 12 years, sold all my stuff and landed on the rock with 2 suitcases. Its been quite the adventure. I've met some of the nicest people, and have had the best food ever. I am now working at Duffy's and loving life more than I ever thought possible!


I'm from the US mainland. I surf, skate, dive! I am a people person & I've grown up in the water all my life. I love the island life, that's why I'm here!


International Man of Mystery. Currently pimping his Lil Rascal after a bizarre boating accident.


I was raised and born in St. Thomas. 21 years old, I like games, sleeping and watching Anime shows. On my days off I spend time cooling and relaxing in the breeze and just hanging with my friends from time to time.

Tim Duffy


Original co-creator of The Love Shack, son of legendary Hugh Duffy of the infamous Duffy's Creque Alley in Charlotte Amalie in the 1960's - and birthplace of the famous Mama's and Papa's ("Duffy's good vibrations, and our imaginations can't go on indefinitely - California Dreaming is a becoming reality"). Tim was raised in St. Thomas, Puerto Rico and Mallorca Spain, the family of NYC bohemians traveled the globe with three kids in tow. He tended bar at The Buffalo Roadhouse in Greenwich Village for most of the 70's. He and Liz met in 1981 at The Backyard Bar in Cruz Bay, St. John (that would one day house Duffy's St. John!). They were married at the Moravian Church in Coral Bay. Their collaboration on The Love Shack was, and continues to be, pure passion.


I have worked at Duffys more than 20 years as a cook ... I really love to cook!


Illinois transplant SUPER excited to never see *SNOW* again! Enjoy long walks on the beach and poking dead things with a stick.


Wizard in the kitchen. If he's on his game, he will tell you he is the owner.


As a Pennsylvania native, now Florida local, Andrew loves all things aquatic! With over a decade’s experience at Poseidon Aquarium in Daytona Beach and a former lead installation technician for Living Color Aquariums, better known as The Fish Tank Kings from their 3 seasons on the National Geographic Wild channel, Andrew obtained his scuba diving certification at age 13 and has since been blessed with diving experiences in exotic locals such as Hawaii, Bonaire, The Bahamas, Cozumel, the USVI, etc...

Andrew also possesses over twenty five years of restaurant experience. His first job was a dishwasher at age 15. Since then, Andrew spent a decade bartending and serving prior to a decade of restaurant management. This is Andrew’s second time to the island and the second time he has worked for the Duffy’s family. Andrew is a former fine dining server at Noche in Frenchtown some 16 years ago. Now he’s back to make sure your experience at Duffy’s Love Shack is second to none! Come see Andrew and the rest of the Love Shackers visit after visit, year after year and when you start to feel like family it’s because you are! ❤️

Jersey Mike

Transplant from SOUTH JERSEY ... LBI .... Came on vacation, returned home and gave my construction business to my siblings and bought a one way ticket straight back to St Thomas! I've worked multiple fields all over the island in the last 9 years & love island life! Ask me about the island, and I'll point you in the right direction. Cheers!


Wuddup! Born and raised in South Detroit (JK from Birmingham, MI - a suburb of the D) . 3 months after graduating CMU I ventured off to Mozambique for 2 1/2 years as a Peace Corps volunteer! Came back to Michigan in 2019 and decided I couldn't do another Michigan winter. Moved to the VI and am STOKED to be here!

Show love, spread love baby.


Hi Everybody! I'm a joyful bartender that loves to sling liquor. I'm also funny, witty and crazy!

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